Oct 4, 2020
Rope a Dope Round 3
Series: Habakkuk
  • Oct 4, 2020Rope a Dope Round 3
    Oct 4, 2020
    Rope a Dope Round 3
    Series: Habakkuk
  • Sep 27, 2020Rope A Dope Round 2
    Sep 27, 2020
    Rope A Dope Round 2
    Series: Habakkuk
  • Sep 20, 2020Rope a Dope
    Sep 20, 2020
    Rope a Dope
    Series: Habakkuk
    "Rope a Dope" The first of a 3 part series on Habakkuk where Dr. Edward Williamson shares how God is doing something new at this very time in history.
  • Feb 23, 2020Checkmate Satan
    Feb 23, 2020
    Checkmate Satan
    Dr. Ed Williamson completes his 4 part series on Advancing Christ's Kingdom with this message. Satan has lost. Jesus has won. Let's live like the king has the last move.
  • Dec 8, 2019The Bad Guys
    Dec 8, 2019
    The Bad Guys
    Today's sermon is on demons. What we should know and what we should do with what we know.
  • Sep 29, 2019Good Angels
    Sep 29, 2019
    Good Angels
    The new pastor of discipleship and evangelism, Dr. Edward Williamson, preaches the 2nd part of his series "Advancing God's Kingdom."
  • Apr 28, 2019The King Has the Last Move
    Apr 28, 2019
    The King Has the Last Move
    Dr. Edward Williamson preaches the truth about God's plan for Covenant as a local church, but also how we need to view adversity and challenges in our personal lives.
  • Oct 1, 2017Who did this to Joseph?
    Oct 1, 2017
    Who did this to Joseph?
    Series: Revival
    In this last message of revival, we deal with the issue of God's goodness in the midst of a tumultuous Christian life. Could my hardship be God's mission and plan for my life?
  • Sep 30, 2017Road to Self Surrender
    Sep 30, 2017
    Road to Self Surrender
    Series: Revival
    This is the second message of revival with Dr. Edward Williamson. In this message Dr. Williamson compares the journeys of Judah and Joseph showing the need for self surrender in every life.
  • Sep 29, 2017Sovereign Dreams and Detours
    Sep 29, 2017
    Sovereign Dreams and Detours
    Series: Revival
    This is the first of three messages that Dr. Edward Williamson gave on Joseph. God's plan to accomplish his will is always good. But it is not always on our timeline or through our methods.
  • Nov 1, 2015Missions oaks of righteousness
    Nov 1, 2015
    Missions oaks of righteousness
    Series: Missions
    Dr. Edward Williamson preaches on how we can become "Oaks of Righteousness" to reach a lost and dying world.
  • May 4, 201430th Annivesary Sermon John 3:16
    May 4, 2014
    30th Annivesary Sermon John 3:16
    Hear John 3:16 in a way that will change your approach to God's call for your life.
  • Jun 16, 2013Preparing for the Journey Home
    Jun 16, 2013
    Preparing for the Journey Home

    Dr. Edward Williamson preaches a powerful sermon about life after death and eternity.