Rev. Nate Williamson, Senior Pastor
Pastor Nathan Williamson was born and raised in Morgantown, WV. He received his Bachelor Degree from Asbury University in Media Communications. He also holds a Masters of Divinity from Wesley Biblical Seminary. He is an ordained elder in the EMC. Pastor Nate was a youth pastor for seven years at the EMC church in Elizabeth City, NC before returning to West Virginia as the associate pastor at Kingdom EMC from 2009 to 2012. He became senior pastor at Covenant EMC in December 2012. He is the son of Dr. Edward Williamson and Loretta Williamson who founded Covenant EMC and Covenant Christian School. He is married to Leah Williamson and is the father of 5 children: Emma, Samantha, Ava, Hannah and Judah. He has a passion for the study of Scripture, the reality of the new life through Christ, and getting people to see things from an eternal perspective.

Rev. Sean Wightman, Associate Pastor

Pastor Sean Wightman has been ministering in Morgantown, WV since 1995. He received his Bachelor Degree from WV Wesleyan College in Finance and Christian Education. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Wesley Biblical Seminary and is ordained in the EMC. Sean was a campus pastor through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at WVU and WVWC for 13 years. He has been Associate Pastor of Care at Covenant EMC since 2008. Amy, his wife, has been a teacher at Covenant Christian School since 1995. Sean and Amy have two daughters, Brianna and Bethany. He has a passion for evangelism, pastoral care and desires to see people grow and flourish spiritually in Christ especially through Small Groups (Care Circles).


Amy Wightman, School Administrator

Amy Wightman is the Administrator at Covenant Christian School. She joined Covenant in 1995 and filled the role as the first grade teacher and teacher representative on the School Advisory Board for many years. Amy earned her B.A. from West Virginia Wesleyan College with a degree in Elementary Education (K-8) and Special Ed. (K-12). After teaching for 18 years, Amy felt called to get a master’s degree in administration.  She graduated with an M.A. in Christian School Administration through Regent University. Her love for Jesus and passion and commitment to Christian education is evident. Amy believes that Covenant is called to care for students spiritually, academically, emotionally, and physically. She desires to see children understand that they were created in the image of God, establish an abiding relationship with Jesus, and be equipped to fulfill the plans and purposes God has for them.

Amy is married to Sean, the Associate Pastor of Covenant EMC.They both have hearts of ministry and have made a commitment to serve the Lord. They have 2 daughters, Brianna and Bethany who have been in Christian education and will continue to receive the benefit and blessings of a Christian education through college. 

leah profile pictureLeah Williamson,
Part Time Children’s Coordinator
Passionate about kids and kid’s ministry, Leah has been working with kids for as long as she can remember. Educationally, she holds her undergrad in early childhood development and has taught and directed a day school in Elizabeth City, NC. Being a mother of three herself and a foster parent, she understands the difficult balance between training your kids in the Word of God, and trying to find the balance yourself. Having started a Wednesday night kid’s ministry, at Kingdom EMC in Westover in 2011, she was appointed as the part time children’s coordinator at Covenant EMC in the winter of 2014. She believes kids can understand Biblical truth at an early age as well as make a difference in other people’s lives. She strives to make Covenant Kid’s Ministry a safe and fun environment while utilizing a dynamic team.

kristen and patPat and Kristen Street
Part Time Youth Coordinators
Pat works at Mylan Pharmaceuticals while Kristen is a physical therapist and home school mom. Both Pat and Kristen have a love for Jesus and a passion for youth. Pat and Kristen were youth leaders at their former church in Parkersburg and have worked in children’s ministry at Covenant as well. They have a very balanced approach to
youth ministry where they provide a welcome atmosphere, a memorable experience, and
an in-depth teaching from God’s Word. They are the proud parents of three beautiful girls: Lanae, Aubrey, and Violet.