Where and When

We offer Sunday morning Kid’s Church as well as Wednesday night classes and seasonal special events.

Covenant Crawlers:

Nursery-2 years: The Covenant Crawlers class meets every Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings through the school year. We have drop off and pick up for this class in the nursery. We follow a curriculum for them that is filled with songs, games and core concepts about the love of Christ!

Covenant Cruisers:

2-4 years: The Covenant Cruisers meets every Sunday morning during the service. Our great team of leaders will worship with them through song, lesson and prayer time. Following the service your little ones can stay right where they are for our Radical Discipleship class! This class is a fun music and movement class for your little ones to enjoy singing, dancing and learning scripture! We also have a Wednesday evening class during the school year to dig deeper into the word of God.

Covenant Seekers:

K-2nd grade: The Covenant Seekers class meets every Sunday morning during the service. We have a dynamic curriculum we use to learn God’s word through song, skits and various activities that help the children remember scripture and how much God loves them! Following the service, we offer a Radical Discipleship class for this age group where we continue on in deeper study and activities from what we learned that morning. Wednesday night we offer Bible Quizzing. This is not a competition driven curriculum (although we do compete and have a blast!) but a help for hiding God’s word in the hearts of our little ones.  


Covenant Keepers:

3rd-5th grade: Covenant Keepers are unique in that they stay with their parents through the service on Sunday mornings as part of our parenting in the pew program. This is a vital part of our ministry where are children are hearing from our pastor and participating with a pewpil pack. This pack can be picked up at the sign in desk for each child. It contains a paper and a pencil, and the goal is to have your child pay attention during the service by filling out a kid-friendly bulletin and complete an activity that shows they were paying attention. Following the service they can turn in their pewpil pack for a prize. We know and understand that its’ not always easy to accomplish this as kids are used to activities, so for more information on what it means to parent in the pew or ways we can help you be successful in this, please see our director Leah Williamson for more details. Following the service we offer a Radical Discipleship class. Radical Discipleship is our way of saying, “sermon-based small groups.” This age group meets with a leader that facilities a discussion based on the sermon and helps answer any questions the students may have from the sermon. On Wednesday nights we offer Bible Quizzing. This is a fun way for our children to be hiding God’s word in their hearts and a great way to meet children in our community as we compete with other churches. 
We also offer a new believers class and a kids catechism class that goes through the foundational truths of the Christian faith and how the EMC fits into the body of Christ as a whole. Both of these classes are scheduled once a year.